110v Stenner 10 GPD Reverse Osmosis Anti-Scalant System

Stenner 10 GPD Reverse Osmosis Anti-Scalant Injection System

Systems Includes:
  •  Shipped pre-assembled for easy installation
  •  Includes rain roof
  •  Vertically mounted for solution containment (if chemical leaks, it runs right back into tank)
  •  Locking  lid
  •  Polyethylene construction is lightweight and rugged
  •  Stainless Steel Screws
  •  Includes 5-Gallons of PreTreat Plus 0100 Anti-Scalant ( Anti-Scalant Recommendation after viewing your Water Report)


Anti-scalant is shipped as a concentrated solution.  This concentrated solution must be mixed with clean RO or Distilled water to the proper level for each system specifically.  A water analysis and RO system flow rates must be used to figure your system specific mixture and dose rate.  You must call 805-777-7037 and  send your water analysis and flow rate info to kim@craftbrewwater.com to receive your the specific dosage and mixture.  Over or Under concentrated solutions could damage your RO membranes.

For Manuals and Parts list Click Here

PreTreat Plus 0100 Information Sheet

PreTreat Plus MSDS